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Is filling in the customs declaration form important?

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  • by Maria
    Yes, it is important and mandatory to fill in the Customs Declaration Form upon arrival to Uzbekistan. Customs Declaration Form (2 copies) will be provided to you on board by the cabin crew before landing or you will be able to collect them at the waiting area before the customs control counter in the one of Uzbekistan's International Airport - the point of your arrival. You have to write down in the Form all required passport details and that is the most important to fill in the exact amounts of all the foreign currencies which are available with you.
    Customs Declaration Form (2 copies) have to be submitted to customs officers at the control counter. The first copy will be kept by customs and second copy has to be properly stamped and given back to you. Please ensure the receipt of the properly stamped second copy and do not hesitate to ask from customs officer if he fails give it back to you or to put a stamp on it. Preserve the Form during your stay in Uzbekistan and present it again to customs before departure. The amount mentioned in the Form has to be equal or lower than initially declared. Otherwise you will be questioned and asked to provide your wallet for detailed check.
    • 09.02.2012 16:20

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