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How much is the registration in Visa Office for stay in the Republic of Uzbekistan?

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  • by Maria
    For temporary registration of foreign citizens for the duration of visa and extension of temporary registration for a period of renewal of visas:
    - up to 1 month - US$ 20 per person;
    - up to 2 monthes - US$ 40 per person;
    - up to 3 monthes - US$ 60 per person;
    - up to 6 monthes - US$ 100 per person;
    - up to 1 year - US$ 200 per person.

    Payment is made in national currency, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to exchange US$ in exchange office, it is obligatory to take the inquiry on exchange and to put it to the receipt on payment.
    • 09.02.2012 16:22

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