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Can I receive a tourist visa to Uzbekistan at the airport upon arrival?

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  • by Maria
    Getting a tourist visa at the airport is possible if there is no embassy of Uzbekistan in your country and only in case of the availability of visa support (have to be provided by touristic company which is organizing your trip).

    Attention! Consular fee in this case have to be paid directly at the airport before passing through passport control. The value of the visa fee depends on the duration of the period of stay in Uzbekistan and the urgency of a visa support (for an urgent visa fee will increase).

    For formalities and issuance of visas according to Uzbekistan legislation are due to pay the following consular fees:

    Single-entry visas:
    - Up to 7 days - 40 US$;
    - Up to 15 days - 50 US$;
    - Up to 30 days - 60 US$.

    Note: For each additional extension of the period of stay the entry tariff increases by 10 US$.

    Very important! At passport control, with your consent (or, at your request - for example if you changed plans and decided to reduce the duration of the trip) you can request a visa for a shorter period than stated in the letter of invitation and, accordingly, the visa fee will be less. Just please be careful when receiving passport, make sure that your date of departure from Uzbekistan is within a period of stay covered by your visa. Otherwise, if later at passport control before departure it turns out that the visa indicated a shorter period of stay, you will have to pay more for procedures and services in order to extend the visa. The extension fee may vary from 40 to 70 USD (depending on the urgency and the number of days)!
    • 09.02.2012 16:35

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