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Letter from working place in case of self-employed individuals

Please specify the requirement for provision of a "letter from working place" in case of self-employed individuals?
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  • by Maria
    The letter from a work place is given by citizens of all countries addressing for the entry visa to Uzbekistan, except for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova on whom the visa-free regime extends.

    The given requirement is not the unique requirement of the authorities of Uzbekistan, and in turn is similar, to corresponding requirement of the authorities of the countries with which the visa regime for citizens of Republic Uzbekistan operates.

    The letter from a work place means documentary acknowledgement of that fact that the competitor of the visa to Uzbekistan possesses a permanent job and a stable source of the income, accordingly has strong reasons to return to the country of constant residing that is sufficient acknowledgement of that the competitor is not the potential migrant.

    It is necessary to admit that requirements of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Uzbekistan do not consider such category of potential tourists, as self-occupied persons and pensioners. However the law is the law and if you want to arrive to Uzbekistan it is necessary for you to fulfill all corresponding requirements. In this case it is possible to recommend only to apply to friends or acquaintances who can help to write to you on behalf of the company or the organization where they work, corresponding the letter. The letter from a work place should be obligatory in a package of given documents.
    • 09.02.2012 16:36

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